Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buying Flowers: A Real Local Florist vs Big Box Grocery Store

How is buying flowers from a florist better or different than buying from a grocery store?

Dozen long stem roses out for delivery | Blossom Street Florist © 2013

     Valentine's Day 2014 is just around the corner and one of the best gifts you can give your loved one are flowers! Everyone loves flowers! It has the special power to make people happy and feel loved. There is just no way you can go wrong with them and for that being said, we wanted to share our thoughts with you of the importance of buying flowers from a LOCAL florist.
     You might not notice that just like meat, flowers are graded too! For example, roses have three different grades, A, B and C. The best graded roses you can buy are rated A. They have largest buds, longest stems, and best looking attributes. Grade C roses aren't bad roses. These roses are simply smaller, shorter and newer plants. Grade C roses are basically for grocery stores. Grade C roses can grow into nice blooms, but they are always smaller, and not as nice as A-rated roses. So...because of that our store, Blossom Street Florist only carries A-grade roses! 
  Grade C roses are the kind you might find at many grocery stores and online drop-shipping outlets; they are sometimes nice, but usually won’t last as long as A-grade roses. They’re not as beautiful and you’ll be able to tell the difference. In comparison to meat grading, C-grade roses at the grocery stores are like fast food meat (edible but not great) - definitely not the filet mignon. So when thinking about buying flowers, you must know that when buying from a florist, you’re always going to get the BEST possible flowers.
     Some people that buy from the grocery stores or online might say there is a major price difference when comparing to your local florist. Here we must stress the topic again, remember we mentioned earlier about flower grading? Online flower companies (FTD, Pro Flowers, 1800Flowers; aka drop- shipping in a box) and grocery stores are often using C grade flowers...that is why it is much cheaper, but these flowers won't be designed by a florist with his or her unique touch, nor personalized service/care from a real florist!

     We have noticed there is a misconception that you may need to spend big bucks to buy from a florist?! That is simply not true! We have many people that walk in everyday and say “Here is my budget, what can you do to make it pretty” and we help them out! We can do about any price range; it will be beautiful, ready-made, and with A-grade quality flowers. We also personally deliver every arrangement too!! So your flowers won’t come from some random UPS or FedEx guy. Not only you get the best flowers, you will be supporting a small, locally owned business, which is definitely important NOW, for all of us. You will be helping the local economy and bringing your community together! How wonderful that will be.
     In essence, when buying flowers for your loved ones: wife, daughter, husband, mother, father, aunt, friend, co-worker etc. it is ALWAYS best to order from a local florist! Share your love and appreciation with flowers!

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